The arrival of🏆💪 new king

Just finished watching the epic Wimbledon final 2023 between the king djokovic and the prince 🤴carlos alcaraz garfia.

The battle for the Wimbledon crown 👑is an epic 👍😻👍 . This Wimbledon 2023 final May be the one of the longest in the history of open era. This finals running time is nearly four hours.

We congratulate the new 🤴prince carlos alcaraz garfia on center stage by biting the best 👍💯of the game, king novak djokovic tennis🎾. And Wimbledon has the history of🏆💪 always producing a new winner of the game. It’s always on the history book for ages.

The match started with a similar and simple note. First set won by the king 👑djokovic 6-1.

But the real play started in second set and it is won by the prince 🤴carlos alcaraj garfia by 7-6 with tie breaker 8-6.

Now the center court feeling the 🔥heat and the heart❤ of 🏆💪winner. Both djokovic and alcaraz breaking each other and matching shot by shot and point by point . Third set won by 20 years old the prince🤴 by a solid margin 6-1.

And again the king 👑ready to roar again he roared and won the fourth set by 6-3 without any difficulties.

Historians are assuming that prince🤴 alcaraz has to learn and work more on his talent because last twenty years there are only four winners 🏆🎉🏆of Wimbledon title the federar, the nadal, the murry and the king 👑djokovic.

And no other player can touch the crown 👑 and the fab Four are the best 👍💯of 🏆💪 thier times. They proved it again and again. the federar has 20 grand slam titles, the nadal has 22 grand slam titles and the djokovic has 23 grand slam titles,latest winner of🏆💪 french 🇫🇷open 2023.

But the prince🤴 Carlos alcaraz garfia has other plans. He was determined to demolish the fort of 🏆💪 Wimbledon🇬🇧🎾 final, title and records too to produce a new 🤴winner, a new 🤴prince, a new hier of the greats.

The game is in fifth set which stat is djokovic win 37-10 and alcaraz 8-1 . So everyone is checking their nerve and the hunger of these great players

In the final set alcaraz break the game of 🏆💪djokovic and take a lead of 4-2 and after that simple math equation 2 game won by both the players in which the decision is made that center court produced a new 🤴prince the Spanish 🇪🇸carlos alcaraz garfia.

In final set as a loyal supporters of the king I really pray for the king 👑djokovic win but as a fan of the game I congratulate the prince , the winner🏆🎉🏆 the champion 🏆of Wimbledon🇬🇧🎾 2023 the Spanish 🇪🇸 Carlos alcaraz garfia.

Thanks🙏 and love ❤the game and play the game.

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