Is india 🇮🇳should play asian Games 2023

this is a burning question for all the football lovers in India.

should India play asian Games 2023? Should government has to give affirmation of Indian football team participation in asian Games 2023? Why not government giving permission to participate? What is the problem with indian football? Why indian football association is so dependent upon government? What our coach iger stimac is saying about all this happening?

what is the response of indian media toward this? What are reaction of the football fans ?

these are the basic and burning question for today’s sports scenario in India. But very few concern about this. In India game is small than the individual. What super individual say and think, every one has to say and think the same.

Not so many days past indian football team has won three back to back titles against the upper ranked team like labenon, kuwait. And indian football fans are gone crazy for these wins. After a long long time indian football fans are something good to cheer at. They don’t want to miss it.

but indian government has some other plans, they denied the entry of indian football team in upcoming asian Games guangajhu, china reciting that the ranking of indian football team is very low.

Indian football team is in tremendous form from last one year. Fans are hoping we are listening something better soon. But dependency and involvement of government is back fired.

Indian football team national coach iger stimac has requested government of india and written an open letter to PM Narendra Modi to bring in his notice. But till now nothing positive happens. Sports minister Anurag thakur is also reviewing the decision and thinking for better results.

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