A  view from a legend for a legend in the making

Rafa Nadal has recently remarked that Carlos Alcaraz is a super complete player and he doesn’t see any weakness in him for his age like he had.

The 22-time Slam winner is trying to be very modest here. Except that Carlos became the youngest No. 1 player in tennis history after his first Slam win at the US Open 2022, results so far speak differently.

Nadal had won 5 more ATP titles overall than Alcaraz by the time he was 20 years and 10 months old on April 3, 2007. Nadal too had two Slam titles in his name till then like Carlos has now, and more of ATP 250/500 and Masters title.

Ironically, Nadal had to win those titles with a worse rally, a worse slice and a worse forehand than Alcaraz.! That too, when his biggest rival Roger Federer was aged only 25-26 in his prime period and peak form, having won 9 slams by the end of the year 2006.!! For Carlos, since his first ATP title at UMAG in late 2021, his main rival was Novak Djokovic aged 34-37.!!!

The “King of Clay” was far superior to Carlos at this age. Perhaps Nadal wanted to lift the spirit of his junior countryman to help him come out of his deep slump in form since his Wimbledon win last year.

The truth is, Carlos is not that a great player as the tennis media in general have been hyping him up to be, since his debut. Let him first get to 11 Slams, half of what Nadal won. At this point of time, it is ridiculous to expect him to overtake the 24 Slam tally of Novak Djokovic and to hail him as the “future” GOAT.!

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