Always in comparison Ronaldo vs Messi

We have the most blessed football fans. We have lived or are living in a era of two greatest of the game. When we started watching football in the 1998 world Cup,there were three,four ,five greats of the game like Ronaldo the phenomenon, Zidane, Kaka, Ronaldinho,kafu,rivaldo, Ricardo Carlos, David Beckham,batistuta and the list is more … Read more

How Inter Miami losses again in CONCACAF semifinal

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Mike conley,top,ties of Denver Nuggets guard Jamal  Murray during the second half of an NBA balionel Messi’s first trip to Mexico for an official match did not end well. Brandon Vazquaz,German berterame and Jesus Gallardo scored goals and monetarry beat Inter Miami 3-1 on Wednesday night in the second leg of the … Read more

MLS: It’s draw without Messi

Former Barcelona and Liverpool star Suerez glanced in a Julian gressel free kick  in the 15th minute to fire Miami into the lead at the chase stadium in fort lauderdale. By the virtue of this goal Luis Suraj bagged his fifth goal of the season as inter Miami was held to a 1-1 draw against … Read more

Morinho the special one

We ,as an Indian child known to him only after his arrival at Chelsea , because we have no access to much football and not aware about the Day to day activity of this huge fan crazy sports. Jose Mourinho came in and changed and made an admirer of this beautiful game , before that … Read more

What does Mourinho think of Ronaldo?

Jose Mourinho reveals why Cristiano Ronaldo’s second spell at Man United ended badlySpeaking with Rio Ferdinand, Ronaldo’s former teammate, on FIVE, Mourinho said: “I think you don’t coach (Cristiano). Motivation you don’t need to give him. Ambition, responsibility, you cannot give him, technically you cannot give him. “It’s just to give some tactical adjustments and … Read more

Wenger’s prediction

In 2012 The great football professor Arsene Wenger sarcastically said,“That premier league is such a though league, that getting top 4 is like winning a trophy 🏆 ..Rival clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool started bantering Arsenal and saying they won the Top 4 trophy whenever they get top 4 spot…😁😄Today in 2024,14 years … Read more

Pierluigi Collina

Did you know that the legendary referee Pierluigi Collina : ▶️ The only referee who had the VAR in his eyes.▶️ This referee could communicate in 4 languages on the field (French, Spanish, Italian and English).▶️ Before each game, he studied the game and the players of the teams he would lead and learned the … Read more

health update of the super star ⭐ messi

Inter Miami & MLS have given Lionel Messi transparency warning as Alexi Lalas insists Argentina star’s injury status must be made ‘very clear’ ahead of matches,Alexi Lalas has warned Inter Miami and MLS over transparency when it comes to Lionel Messi’s injury status. It is a fact that messi has change the fate of American … Read more

रोनाल्डो विश्व फुटबॉल का सुपर स्टार

क्रिस्टियानो रोनाल्डो खिलाड़ी नहीं महानतम खिलाड़ी है, अदभुत, अविश्वसनीय और दयालु इंसान फुटबॉलर रोनाल्डो की कई कहानी है जो बताती है कि वे महान इंसान है और दूसरा कोई उनके समान नहीं हुआ और न होगा.जहां आज के खिलाड़ी सिर से लेकर पैर तक टैटू बनाये रहते है, लेकिन आपने उनके बॉडी में कभी टैटू … Read more

Thiogo silva:- The Brazilian warrior

Thiago Silva is a living legend in world football for his great reading of the game and skills at the field. He was compared with cafu, Maldini,cannavaro, Puyol and all the great defenders of all time . We had seen his many matches live for country and club. He comes from the country of legends … Read more